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Healing Songs Universal Language Speaks
authentic cheap jerseys Directly to the SoulI am 12 years old again, sitting on green shag carpet in my bedroom, turning up the volume on my Sears stereo and
cheap jerseys pulling on my headphones as I enter the alternate and glorious musical universe of my preteen world when dreams were bigger and boys were cuter and every note, every lyric of my favorite album, Queen II, was infused with a secret I was sure meant only for me. It was my privilege to decipher every bit of it, so I replayed and memorized it all with much delight. Nearly 40 years later I still remember every line of that album, and occasionally something will remind me of one of those songs. The feelings it brings back along with the memories are precious treasures. My first goal in life as I prepared for the real world was to be a music therapist. It did not exactly work out, but I did become a social worker and for a while, working with mentally disabled elderly, I found a place for music.
cheap jerseys During these Oldies Sing alongs, I saw smiles and expressions